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Support services offered include Desktop support and risk prevention plans. Call us today to learn more.

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Whether your experiencing a virus, computer crash, email frustrations, or internet connectivity problems, OCC is your resource for proven computer professionals. With our low rates and friendly service, OCC is the only choice for fast and effective care for your computer needs.

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Our professionals are seasoned, trained, and certified to make your computer problems go away. No geeks here. Our staff are personable, friendly, and professional.


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The OCC Staff are highly trained in Small Buisiness and personal networking and computing needs. From virus removal and prevention, computer crashes, to wireless networking, OCC has all the bases covered.

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Viruses, spyware, adware, worms, and trojans all fall under the general category of what is known as Malware. These small programs can get onto you system through email, internet browsing, networking, or even thumb drives. Having a good anti-virus program is absolutely imperative, but it still may not be enough. The individuals and groups who write these malicious programs are always going to be one step ahead of those that are out to stop their efficacy. OCC has solutions for all types of malware. Healing viruses are our first task; this is done without major operating system changes. The second option is an in-place system reinstall. This restores your operating system files removing the virus’ hold, and allows easy removal. The third option is known as a full system reinstall. This requires data to be backed up, and the hard drive formatted. The operating system and programs will be reinstalled and the data be reapplied. Which of these three options is employed depends on the malware in question.